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What can I do with the app?
  • Pay Utility Bills.
  • Store Money in your Mobile Phone Wallet, as per the Transaction Limits.
  • Send & Receive Money from Anyone, Anywhere.
  • Transfer Funds between your Bank and Wallet.
  • Purchase Online Items or Pay at an Outlet.
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  • QR Code

  • Mobile Topup

  • DTH

  • Electricity

  • Internet Services

  • Khanepani

  • Landline

  • Stores

  • Online Shopping

How PayWell Works?

Here’s how you can use a PayWell account for managing your money.

Simple Payment Solution for every Merchant.

PayWell Nepal facilitates online mobile payment solutions for everyone. PayWell with its complete digital wallet package will drive businesses to increase their revenues. This can benefit entrepreneurs seeking to expand their sales through the sharing of highly secure payments, receiving money and strengthening bonds with customers. Merchants are facilitated with features such as the “Business Dashboard” that help them analyze transaction details and segregate consumers to see their behavioral patterns.

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Why choose PayWell?

Top reasons why a PayWell account should be used to make payments.

Easy to use

PayWell Nepal is a user-friendly application designed for easy installation and set-up. Its local language option makes it accessible for more consumers.

Split Costs

The beauty of ‘PayWell Nepal’ allows users to easily make group payments by splitting the bill amount of any product or service instantly among people.

Offline Payments

PayWell e-wallet has the feature to work offline as well. All you need is the connection to your local Telecom Company and use our e-wallet service through SMS and USSD technology.

100% Secure

PayWell Nepal uses encrypted personal and financial data which are stored and protected in secured firewalled servers. We provide technical support through live chat and telephone 24/7.

Lower Fees

PayWell Nepal’s objective is to help the rural and urban users to participate in this cashless economic drive, with the mobile wallet Technology. To address the needs of the user, we are committed to keeping our transaction fees the lowest.

Social Platform

The engagement of Users through the services and products offered by PayWell can be an encouragement for Merchants to connect with them. This allows Merchants to easily find PayWell Users, as it can sync with social media channels, email accounts and phone contacts.

Saving Avenues

PayWell users can easily send and receive money in their mobile phones that avoids them from going to the Banks or the ATM’s, which in turn saves them time and money. The Users benefit from Cash Back policy, Discounts, Promotional Offers and Reward Points thus creating saving avenues.

Proof of Identification

PayWell users during the time of registration are advised to fill out the KYC (Know Your Customer) form, that holds a proof of identification of the user, which benefits them from avoiding to fill out lengthy forms for online purchase and also helps the Alcohol and Tobacco stores to verify the buyer's age.


A payment experience people love to talk about.

How to use the app?

PayWell is an e-wallet company for the convenience of financial mobility through mobile phones connected to the internet. Users are able to send and receive money in their mobile phones that avoids them from going to the Banks or ATM’s, which in turn saves them time and money.

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  • Your funds will be transferred to your local bank account

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