Transaction Limits

Dear Valued Customers,
We would like to inform you that the transaction limits for the following have been set, as per the ‘Directive #5/075’ by the Payment System Department of the Nepal Rastra Bank dated 31st of Ashadh, 2076 in regard to the transaction limit from electronic channels to be effective from 20th of Chaitra, 2079. These Transaction Limits vary based on the verification of the users KYC (Know Your Customer) form.
Transaction Limit
S.NO.Transaction TypeTransaction Count Per DayTransaction Per DayTransaction Per Month
1Bank To Wallet10200,000/-1,000,000/-
2Wallet To Bank 10200,000/-1,000,000/-
3Wallet To Wallet1050,000/-500,000/-
Service Charges on Bank Transfer (Bank Withdrawal)
S.NO.Transaction Slab Amount(NPR)service charge(Rs.)
1NPR 1 to NPR 200,000/-10/-
Service charges on Wallet to Wallet Transfer
transaction amount(NPR)service charge(Rs.)
1Below 100Free
2100 - 2002
3200 and above5
*Note: Charge shall be borne by receiving wallet user.
Services charge on Payment of Government Services:
S.NO.transaction amount(NPR)service charge(Rs.)
25,001/- to 10,000/- uptoFree
3Above 10,000/-Free
QR Payment Limit
S.NO.particularsper day
1QR Code300,000.00
Service Charges on Wallet Load from Agent
S.NO.Paymentamount(NPR)service charge(Rs.)
1Bank to WalletTill 5,000/-5/-
2Bank to Wallet 5001/- to 15000/-15/-
3Bank to Wallet15001/- to 25000 till 25/-
*Note: Unverified users won't be allowed to perform any transaction as per NRB Guidelines.

PayWell Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Anamnagar, Kathmandu Nepal.